The Ashford Institute Applied Bioethics Summer Conference


Our 2019 Summer Conference is underway, but you can still find information regarding speakers, topics and schedules.


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This conference examines important multi-disciplinary issues in which medicine, social work, psychology, and pastoral ministry each have important contributions to make, and which include ethical dimensions. In order to make ethical decisions about specific issues in health care, it is essential to first have an understanding of these issues,  including current research and the lived experience of patients and clinicians, as well as an understanding of ethical principles. This conference will focus on practical solutions to multidisciplinary clinical issues including:   

  • Informed Consent.

  • Ethics in Health Care Research.

  • Intimate Partner Violence.

  • Human Trafficking.

  • Substance abuse during pregnancy.

  • Resources for social, emotional, spiritual and economic challenges in pregnancy.

  • Reproductive losses (miscarriage, abortion, etc.) and the recovery process.

  • Ethical issues in fertility treatments including egg donations.

  • Perinatal Hospice for Parents of Children with Life-Limiting Diagnoses.

  • Ethical issues in assessing and addressing spiritual needs of patients.

  • Provision of health care in resource rich vs. resource poor nations.

  • Hippocratic Medicine.


Course Coordinator:

Dr. Martha Shuping, M.D., M.A., President of Ashford Institute, is a practicing psychiatrist with more than 30 years experience. A graduate of Harvard Medical School’s Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program, she has an M.A. in Pastoral Ministry, and received specialized training through George Washington University Institute of Spirituality and Health. Dr. Shuping has provided educational programs in 22 countries and the United Nations, on topics including: intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and emotional recovery after reproductive loss. Joining with Dr. Shuping are more than a dozen experts who speak from clinical and personal experience. Click on the links below or the navigation bar above to learn more: 



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